We believe the past few years have taught us to reconnect with our values while supporting our fellow human beings. The importance of gaining perspective. Exploring other cultures. To dream. And to live a little more.

LES VOILES collection is our appreciation of solidarity and our desire for new horizons. It’s time to take back our lives. To go travel again and explore hidden retreats and safe-havens. Inhaling every single moment of peacefulness. Recharging so that we yet again are ready to stand up for what we believe.

The color palette is inspired by the sea and lush gardens hidden in the alleys of the city. Blue, green, and neutral beige tones rule the collection with accents of sierra to be put together in various ways.

With our LES VOILES collection, we present two new capsules: Hemp and Terra. For Terra, our jeans are dyed with clay-based pigments and indigo-based pigments.

A 100% organic and natural dye, which uses less water. A simple choice.

In our Hemp capsule, the tees and jeans contain hemp in the composition. Hemp is a fast-growing plant that requires 50% less water to grow. Also, hemp naturally regulates body moisture to stay tempered in the heat.

The implementation of alternative and more conscious treatments and fabrics is part of our consideration of leaving a lighter footprint whilst bringing you high-quality everyday clothing.

Breathe in – and enjoy.