Social responsibility

If success comes at the expense of other people, animals, or the environment, it is really no success at all. A rule to live by, which we have, ever since Gabba was founded in 1983.


Our suppliers are very dear to us. We rely heavily on each other, and we could never dream of reaching our goals, if we didn't have them by our side. And most importantly, we share a common passion - great designs made for real people.

We know that none of us are perfect, and have created a relationship, where we are free to adress any imperfections that stand in the way of our joint development.

Denim suppliers
The Gabba love affair with denim goes all the way back to 1983, and for more than a decade we have been working with the same denim suppliers based in Turkey.

They fully live up to our three core values; they are real, reliable and relatable. We know them, and they know us.

Spending time with them is like being with family, and we are always very excited to visit them on location in Turkey.

According to an old saying, you should never put all your eggs in one basket.
And while some might find it risky to have just two denim suppliers, it just feels so good to know that we have each others' backs and best interests at heart.

Non-denim suppliers
The rest of our products are made by a small number of other suppliers. 12 to be exact. All of them know and share our mindset, and have signed our policies, committing to adhere to their contents.

Think global, act local

Making a difference starts at home.

That is why we support great local organizations, such as the venue celebrating live music and culture "Godset" in Kolding, our hometown.

We are always present and open-minded in different repeating and single-time events that make sense in relation to our values. We continue investing in social and environmental initiatives and are always curious to learn about great, worthy causes.

A sense of family

Our employees are the backbone of our company. Gabba has always gone above and beyond to create a genuine and welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and a good laugh.

We are grateful to spend our working hours with a great group of people, and we truly consider each other family.

Besides the joy of each others’ good company, we offer our employees pension, insurance, training programs, wellness treatments, and lunch.

If you want to join the Gabba family, read about any vacant positions