Gabba - the Danish way of denim since 1983

Denim makes our hearts beat a little faster - and has been doing so all the way since 1983. We make jeans, pants, T-shirts, shirts, and much more designed to fit whoever you are and whatever life throws at you - we’re right there with you. And even though our styles have evolved to include much more than only denim, a touch of denim is sown into every single piece of our clothing. Our love for it is simply incurable! 

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Our sustainability efforts

Just as important as style, comfort, and quality is to us, the same can be said for the environment. While we aren’t able to change the tides completely by ourselves, every single initiative - big or small - can make an important difference.

At Gabba we have created a collection of GOTS-certified products. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, which is the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding our sustainability efforts