Pair up with your new favorite pants

Got a special occasion coming up? Do you need new pants for work? Or does your everyday wardrobe need an update?

Gabba pants are ready to step up to the task. We got a wide range of styles, fits, and colors that make a great partner no matter the moment or your mood.

Embrace the best edition of your uniqueness with a little help from our fashionable party of pants.

Dress your way in Gabba chinos

Chino pants are like a friend you can always rely upon.

You likely have to search a long time after someone who doesn’t have at least a single pair of chinos in their wardrobe. And for a good reason.

They truly are a timeless staple that fits seamlessly into a full rotation of your go-to outfits, whether you’re going for an on-point office look, dressing to impress, hanging out with your buddies, or just running errands. 

Casual shirts, dress shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies - you name it. Chinos always make for a great wingman, no matter the occasion and how you feel like dressing for the day.

With a pair of our chinos - or perhaps several pairs - in your style arsenal, no moment leaves you ill-prepared, at least not in the wardrobe department.

The comeback of cargo pants

Admittedly, we love cargo pants. Gone are the days when they were mostly thought of as the type of pants that sacrificed style for pocket space - and lots of it.

Now, more than ever, they have been given a second life and make more than a worthy addition to your wardrobe. We also have a newfound love for cargo pants and rediscovered just how great they truly can be. It’s time for cargo pants to show their shine. Do you also agree?

If you, like us, are looking to rekindle your love affair with cargo pants, you can discover several different pairs in our exciting ensemble of Pisa cargo pants that are equally stylish and practical and offer a unique take on the classic “workwear” pants. Pair them with a casual shirt, a nice T-shirt, a jacket, or a sweatshirt and hop in your best sneakers for rock-solid street fashion with a trendy outdoor edge. The limits are none. 

Wear the pants you see fit

Tapered, slim, regular, or relaxed? We’ve got you covered. The pants’ fit greatly defines the look and feel and can often lead to several considerations: How will they look on me? Which kinds of outfits are they great for? Will I feel comfortable wearing them? The secret trick to finding the ideal pants for you isn’t quite so secret after all. What makes the perfect fit for you is simply about how you want to stand out or simply fit in as you wish. 

Just take our slim-tapered Pisa pants, for example. If you’re feeling dressy, they lend a nice elegant element with a dash of everyday fashion that maxes for an ideal team-up with your favorite classic shirt you usually wear at work or when you want to look your best outside of office hours. With our Pisa pants, you don’t even have the usual struggle of getting in or out of your slim-fit pants. Simply use the subtle zippers on each pants leg to dress or undress without any hassle.

For some, baggier is better. A relaxed style also means a relaxed mind, at least from our experiences. So, if you’re looking for pants with a more casual fit and appeal, our Firenze or Lazo pants are both solid bets.

Not sure about your fit? Our best tip is to embrace your signature style and your charming imperfections, and don’t compromise on the fit you find most fitting for how you want to dress. That’s what truly makes for a comfy pair of pants and an unwavering confident feeling.

Living life in colorful style

Frankly, there are many ways to express yourself and your signature style. Your pants are one of them. For one, they go hand-in-hand with the clothes on your torso, creating a deadly duo to help you look your best, just like you prefer. And don’t neglect the footwear of choice. Our pants got your back and help you live every day in style, whether you’re the sneaker- or dress shoe-wearing type or keeping it vibrant or downplayed from tip to toe.

What’s your look? Every season and every individual has its shining colors and fabrics. Sand or beige pants are all about the bright spring- or summertime, especially when you rock linen. Dark brown or grey shades make a solid fall or winter staple. Corduroy isn’t only academic professors’ favorite fabric. It also makes for a distinctive and stylish addition to your on-trend seasonal look.

You can always also go for a pair of black or navy pants, as they seem to simply be an evergreen all-fitter: Go crazy with color on the rest of your outfit, keep it as simple as you wish, and dress up or down with ease. A black-on-black combo is also never a miss. Or how about being decked up in checks or stripes? We know it - we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to sharing the many outfit ideas our pants provide and helping a friend out.

Begin your Gabba pants love affair online

Has a particular pair of our pants sparked a flame in you? Are you still on the lookout for the perfect pants for you? How about deciding on a color, fit or design? Decisions, decisions, we know. We’ve got many options and likely a pair of pants for you. 

Perhaps a pair of jeans is more your thing? Then why not take a look at our selection of jeans designed for all denim lovers? Regardless of which design you fall in love with, you can easily order your favorite pair online and upgrade your unique wardrobe in no time. 

Grab your new pants now on the official Gabba webshop.