The Shelter Route

It seems our path is destined and there is no stopping before the goal. But time has shown that things can easily get stirred. Out of control - like a blizzard through the woods. This is power, let’s embrace it.

Our AW22 SHELTER ROUTE is a journey of reflection.
Join us in adjusting our way of life to see beauty in the moment. Find happiness in the details and focus on what really matters. 

We want to go back to basics. To feeling good and being healthy - in both body and mind. We believe that with gratitude and open mind, you will find the true joy of life.

Welcome the unexpected and discover your next adventure. 

The colors are inspired by nature along the route. From earth and water to rocks and trees, the colors are carefully chosen to bring you along on the journey.

With the collection, we present the capsule SHIELD - Jeans made from performance fibers to keep you protected from unpredictable weather and support an active living.

A constant search for alternative and more conscious treatments and fabrics is part of our consideration of leaving a lighter footprint while bringing you high-quality clothing made to last.   

The SHELTER ROUTE collection is reconnection with essential elements in life.

Reconnecting with nature - with your surroundings - with yourself.

It’s not where you go - It’s the journey.