Browse through our selection of zipper sweatshirts

At Gabba, you can find zipper sweatshirts that’ll keep you comfortable while looking cool during your everyday errands. The zip-up hoodie gives a casual look while keeping you warm, and you can style it with any type of jeans or pants as well as with a classic tee or a nice shirt underneath. Browse through our selection and add a new zip hoodie to your wardrobe.

Stay casual in a Gabba zipper sweatshirt

Gabba offers a wide variety of menswear, ideal for different occasions and seasons. You can find styles well-suited for work, social events, and special gatherings, but we also have casual items that are perfect for your plans during the weekend. This includes our Gabba zipper sweatshirt.

With a Gabba zipper sweatshirt, you’ll look both cool and casual, ready to take on fun activities or practical chores when you are off work. Hoodies are essential in your wardrobe, as they are easy to throw on and wear with almost anything else. With a pair of jeans and sneakers, you can achieve a sporty look, but wear a zipper sweatshirt with your favorite chinos, and you get an outfit that is the perfect balance between casual and stylish. The zip-up hoodie is also great for layering on cooler days. 

When you throw yourself on the sofa Sunday night, a zipper sweatshirt is a perfect choice as well. The soft fabric of our zip-up hoodies will drape nicely and loosely over your upper body so that you can relax completely.

A zipper sweatshirt will keep you warm

A Gabba zipper sweatshirt is ideal for staying warm during the winter or when the AC is turned up during the summer. The soft sweat is a classic and will keep you cozy during all seasons. 

Our sweatshirts with zippers are ideal for layering, as you can wear them over almost anything and quickly take them off if you feel too hot. Because of the zipper, you can also wear the sweatshirt, both zipped and unzipped, giving you a comfortable warmth. For that reason, a zip-up hoodie can be worn as a jacket when the weather changes from winter to summer.

If you prefer knitwear over sweatshirts, you can get knitted items at Gabba as well. We have knitwear in different colors, patterns, and fits that you can choose from. Our knitwear is perfect for casual days at the office or for cold days in the fall when you need to layer up.

Throw on a zipper sweatshirt for your workout

A zipper sweatshirt is also a great item for when you go to and from the gym. The zip hoodie is easy to throw on, and you can also wear it during your preliminary exercises before your muscles are warm. That way, you can warm up faster, which is beneficial if the gym is cold.

Additionally, our zipper sweatshirts are both soft and comfortable, allowing you to move freely throughout the entire workout. That way, you can easily do the different exercises without feeling restricted by your clothing. 

So, take a look at Gabba’s selection of zipper sweatshirts and find just the right one for you. Then you can create the perfect relaxed look.