Explore our selection of Gabba Zem jeans

Get your denim fix at Gabba and discover our many stylish jeans for men. For example, you can choose our Gabba Zem jeans that are effortlessly cool with their loose fit. These jeans are ideal for everyday wear when you want to stay casual and comfortable all day long. Explore the many colors and get your favorite today.

Choose Gabba Zem as your signature style

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can prove to be challenging, but with Gabba, this task becomes much easier. We have a selection of cool denim styles in various shapes and fits, so that you’ll be able to choose a pair of jeans that suits your body and ensures your comfort. 

For example, you can try our Gabba Zem jeans that are a loose-fit dream with a low waist, straight legs and low back pockets. This makes for a raw, urban and casual look. Use these jeans as everyday wear when you’re spending time with friends or running errands.

These jeans can be styled in many different ways. Wear them with a plain white tee and a pair of chunky sneakers, and you’re good to go for most occasions. Or you can dress them up with a cool striped shirt. Wearing the Gabba Zem jeans is easy and will quickly become your preferred item in your wardrobe.

Gabba Zem jeans in every color

We offer the Gabba Zem jeans in multiple colors, ranging from a stylish black wash to classic blue denim. This means that you can choose the wash that you prefer to keep in your closet.

A blue pair of jeans is a staple in your wardrobe that never goes out of style. The blue wash comes in many different shades, and at Gabba, you can choose a mid-blue variant as well as a deep dark blue denim. This color is extremely versatile and goes with pretty much everything. For example, wear the blue Zem jeans with a white crisp shirt when you want to dress up or combine them with a comfortable oversized t-shirt for a relaxed look.

A black pair of jeans are ideal for many different kinds of outfits. These dark jeans can be used with a broad selection of shirts, as this wash suits all kinds of colors. Add a pair of chunky sneakers, and you’ll have the perfect outfit.

You’ll also be able to find beige as well as gray denim at Gabba. These colors make for a different look that stands out. These are ideal if you want to try something other than the classics. 

The endless possibilities at Gabba make it easier for you to express yourself and show off your personality through your clothing. When you find your signature jeans, there is no stopping you.

Gabba denim styles for all occasions

At Gabba, we offer a wide collection of jeans fit for every occasion, meaning that if the loose-fit look of the Zem jeans aren’t for you, you can easily find another pair that is. Besides our relaxed Gabba Zem jeans, you can also find the:

Our jeans range from slim-fit jeans, such as the Rey jeans, to relaxed-fit jeans, such as our Alex jeans. For example, the Rey jeans are a straight-fit style with low back pockets and a dropped crotch. These are ideal if you want a slimmer silhouette. The Alex jeans give a laid-back look that works well for everyday wear. This means that you’ll be able to get just the type of jeans that suits your body type and that you feel the most comfortable in.

Finding the right denim jeans

It might seem like an unmanageable task to find the perfect pair of jeans, but this is made easier with Gabba. With our wide selection, you’ll be able to find just the right fit, style and color that fits your personal taste.

To make it even simpler, we provide you with a denim fit guide that helps you find the ideal Gabba jeans that match your wants and needs. This guide will give you a personalized view so that you can look through and choose from a recommended selection of jeans that are picked out, especially for you.

Enjoy your jeans through several seasons

Denim is an amazing material if you ask us. It is a casual and comfortable material that is also incredibly durable. Denim is made from cotton, which has a high tensile strength, and for that reason, your 100% Zem jeans are strong and less likely to tear or rip. This also means that if you follow a few simple instructions in order to take good care of your jeans, you’ll be able to keep them for several years. 

At Gabba, we offer a denim care guide that includes these rules, among others: 

  • Avoid washing your jeans too often, and preferably wash or rinse with cold water. When you do so, do not use soap or fabric softener.
  • Air-dry your jeans on a flat surface to stop your jeans from stretching or becoming misshapen. 
  • Make sure to repair holes and rips when you first notice them. If you don’t, they can quickly become larger. 

If you follow the instructions above, you can make sure that your Gabba jeans stay a part of your closet for many years.