Meet the Gabba Paul collection

Are you looking for a new pair of pants that you can style with a wide range of your favorite outfits? Or are you looking to spice up your everyday wardrobe? Our ensemble of Gabba Paul pants is ready to step up to the task, no matter what it is. 

Browse our big collection of slim-fit pants and chinos, and discover styles in both timeless and seasonal colorways, different patterns, and reliable materials. We don’t doubt that you’ll quickly fall in love with one - or perhaps several - of our Gabba Paul pants and make them your new trusted sidekick on your journey through life.

Get to know Paul

At Gabba, we’re not only specialists in jeans and denim. Our Paul collection is a true testament to that. Here, you can discover a stylish selection of slim-fit pants and chinos made from various soft, comfortable, and practical fabrics that will instantly become your new go-to for your work-to-weekend wardrobe.     

We believe that white spaces aren’t necessarily empty spaces. Our Paul pants are charmingly uncomplicated by design but full of subtle details that turn basic into breathtaking. That’s why they work with any of your favorite looks and offer a versatile blueprint for styling your outfit the way you want while also being able to keep your attire as straightforward as you wish.  It’s quite simple: with Paul, you can stand out or fit in - just as you see fit.

Define your on and off-duty style with Gabba Paul

There are always the perfect pants for the moment. And quite often, the same pair of pants can easily be integrated into a full rotation of your favorite outfits. Got to look sharp for work or an upcoming event? Style your pants with a dress shirt, and you’ll always understand the assignment - the unspoken dress code, that is.    

Are you in the mood for casual wear? Switch out the shirt with a T-shirt in your preferred fit and style that’s either tucked in or hanging loose. Perhaps you might also rock your T-shirt together with a crewneck sweatshirt or hoodie for your own edition of modern street style. 

You can also easily mix and match the pants with everything from your formal Derby or Oxford shoes to your most colorful pair of fashionable sneakers. With just a single pair of pants from the Paul collection, you can dress almost any of your on and off-duty outfits up or down without any boundaries. The only limit is your imagination. So feel free to go nuts on trying out new combinations or keep it as regular as you like. No matter what, our Paul pants empower you to show comfort in your own skin and embrace every new moment - together.

Pair up with your favorite Paul pants today

Have you found your chosen pair from our Paul collection? If not, then no worries. We know it can sometimes be difficult to decide - whether it’s about picking a color or style. Because, ideally, why wouldn’t you just pick one of each? Feel free to stick around for a while and get to know our different styles a bit more to find the perfect pair just for you. Oh, and one last thing: We also offer fast standard delivery, so you won't have to wait too long to update your individual wardrobe.