Wiser Wash

We have launched a cooperation with Wiser Wash, in charge of a patented and award-winning ozone bleaching process, eliminating the use of pumice stone and hazardous chemicals while saving a significant amount of water and energy.

The technology behind

As an eco-friendly process, ozone wash fundamentally changed the fashion industry by significantly reducing the use of water and energy in production lines.

Designed to make this sustainable process fully traceable by entailing a full range of future technologies, Wiser Ozon-Experience revolutionized the irresponsible practices.

Incorporated with AI technology, WOX redefines the production processes by developing new practices based on data, which boosts production efficiency.

Free from chemicals

No pumice stone

Wiser Wash eliminates the use of pumice stone; yet it allows the manufacturers to achieve the classic denim look we all love: beautiful abrasions and bright contrasts that show off the true magic of indigo.


No hazardous chemicals

Wiser Wash discards all hazardous chemicals such as hypochlorite and potassium permanganate. Thanks to the elimination of these chemicals, our process contributes to better health conditions within the factories and reduces the footprint of garments.


No substitutes

Wiser Wash does not use any substitute for hazardous chemicals: it uses only ozone, generated from oxygen, one of the most abundant elements in the universe. The remaining ozone after the process is converted back into oxygen and water.