Wear relaxing comfort with Gabba linen

Does your wardrobe miss a little linen? Then look no further! The Gabba linen collection is here at your service, offering laid-back comfort and style that helps you feel as good as you look - just like you prefer. From bright and lively summer vibes to uncompromising year-round style, we’ve got the ideal linen pants and T-shirts just for you!

Share the love for linen

Relaxing, comfortable, and stylish. That’s what linen is all about. We simply love it, and we want to share that love with you. Our selection of linen pants and T-shirts for men mixes casual with dressy wear, making them a solid sidekick for both relaxing, socializing, and even working at the office. And the comfortable feeling of our linen designs is undeniably something you’ll find hard to do without once you get a chance to try them on for yourself.

Trust us on that one! 

With our linen collection, you can upgrade your everyday look and feel, no matter the moment or mood. What’s not to like, right? Join our band of linen lovers, and find the perfect fit and look for you right here at Gabba. 

Linen and summer go hand in hand

Are you all set to rock the warm-weather season in style and with great comfort? For many, summer is all about chilling outside in the sunny weather, cruising around town and feeling the welcoming light breeze, and enjoying long, bright nights in great company. Settings like these are the perfect opportunity to put on your sunglasses, bright colors, and, of course, your favorite linen pieces.

Being timeless yet remaining ultra-modern, every single year, linen comes back out of the closet to define the summer season’s lookbook. The casual edge and the soft, breathable material make linen a perfect warm-weather fit. Our linen T-shirts and pants for men are ready to step up for the moment and become new favorite staples in your summer wardrobe. 

Stand out from the crow, or fit in just as you see fit with our linen designs. You can freely take your style in the direction you wish: Go bright on bright with our seedpearl or white linen pants and a simple white T-shirt, let your linen pants team up with a peppy, short-sleeved summer shirt, or mix and match colors your way to show off your signature style. Simply wear linen how you want, when you want.

Look sharp in linen at the office

No need to put your linen pants in time-out when you’re at work. Our black Paul and Monza men’s linen pants strike a perfect balance between relaxing comfort and dressy appeal - no one can tell the difference from regular dress pants. Plus, when the temperature’s rising and showing up in shorts at work doesn’t seem all that appropriate, our comfortable and breathable linen pants will also come to your rescue.

The uncomplicated visual design and versatile color work well with a wide range of your favorite office looks, whether you feel like buttoning up with a classic dress shirt, styling with colors and patterns, or adding a dash of denim. 

But honestly, who are we to tell you how or when to wear your linen pants? The choice is all yours, fellow linen lover. Discover the countless ways you can dress your office look up or down with our linen pants for men, and feel empowered to dress completely in your own way.

Duke linen T-shirts enable unbounded wear

While you may not become an actual duke, when you put on one of our Duke linen T-shirts, they still got a lot going on for them. For one, they consist of 100% linen, making them nicely breathable and highly durable. In other words, you can also enjoy our linen T-shirts the next year and the many following years while feeling fresh - both literally and figuratively. 

The Duke linen T-shirts are draped in inviting colors and offer a clean-cut design that is simple without ever being boring. We present the foundation to keep you comfortable anytime and let you style your way. Pair with pants, jeans, or shorts - perhaps even go with linen from top to toe?

Add as many or few details to the look as you wish. The Duke T-shirts got you covered, no matter which visual expression you aim for.

Moving towards greater sustainability

Like we hold linen as close to our hearts as denim and our many other designs, we also have a burning passion for reducing our environmental impact on the world around us. A key component in every Gabba item is making designs that can last you week in, week out for years to come - no need to replace your entire wardrobe every other year or so. 

But that’s not where the efforts stop for us. Our REDUCE mindset carries across everything we do, right from how we ship your items to you to how we design the clothing. Every little step counts for something in the greater efforts. If you want to learn more about how we do that exactly, check out our sustainability initiatives.

Get the Gabba linen style for you

Has one or several of our linen pants and T-shirts caught your interest? Well, don’t wait! Find the fit and style for you, and head right over to the checkout to team up with our linen designs as soon as possible. You pick, and then we ship as fast as we can. No more missing out on a great opportunity to dress in linen! 

Change your mind afterward? Don’t worry. We offer free returns in multiple countries, including Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Austria, as well as a 90-day standard return period for all.