Gabba jeans for your every mood

Are you looking for the perfect jeans for your wardrobe? At Gabba, you can find denim for every body type and every occasion. Do you need jeans for work? Or are you looking for the perfect pair for your weekend shenanigans? We have it all at Gabba. 

Find your denim companion at Gabba

At Gabba, you can find a wide selection of jeans that you can rely on. Our collections range from a slim fit to a relaxed fit. This means that we offer durable, comfortable, and stylish jeans that fit your personal style. Do you prefer the baggy look? Or are you more into the slimmer shape? No matter your preferences, you can find your new denim companion at Gabba. 

We have a pair of jeans for every mood and every occasion so that you can be well-dressed no matter your challenges that day. Style and comfort are key elements of everything we do at Gabba, and when you wear our clothes, you can take on anything.

Gabba jeans for every occasion

Jeans aren’t just for one type of occasion only. Jeans are for every day. They can be worn to work, while running errands, to parties, and much more, and that is why jeans are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. 

Finding the right pair of jeans can give you a sensation of self-confidence and empowerment that makes you stand out from the crowd. With our Gabba jeans, you can feel comfortable in your own skin and be prepared for any challenges that may come your way. 

Explore the world of Gabba jeans

Gabba offers durable and stylish jeans that are a timeless staple in your closet. Jeans never go out of fashion, and the denim fabric is strong and long-lasting. That way, you can keep your favorite Gabba jeans for a long time. 

At Gabba, we have a real love for denim, and that is why we believe that everyone deserves a perfect pair of jeans. Actually, we believe you deserve more than one pair, which is why we offer different styles that’ll fit different occasions and your personal taste: 

- Slim fit 
- Regular fit 
- Relaxed fit
- Loose fit 

We have two types of slim-fit jeans at Gabba, meaning that you can choose between our Rey jeans and Jones jeans. The Rey jeans give a comfortable straight fit with a slightly dropped crotch and low back pockets. The Jones jeans have a slim leg shape, but the super-stretch fabric ensures your comfort. Use the slim-fit jeans with a pair of classic white trainers and one of Gabba’s cool shirts

For a regular-fit jeans we have our Math jeans. These jeans have a traditional, comfortable fit with straight legs that give a modern silhouette. 

Our relaxed-fit, Alex jeans, have a laid-back yet trendy silhouette with a low crotch. You’ll also find these jeans in a cargo style that makes for cool everyday wear. 

The loose-fit jeans, Zem jeans, are a dream to wear and give an urban, raw, and casual look. These jeans are perfect with a pair of chunky sneakers and a white oversize tee for a comfortable and stylish everyday look.

Gabba jeans that express your personality

Besides the different fits, our jeans are available in many different colors, meaning that you can choose a light blue wash and pitch-black denim - and everything in between. You’ll find jeans that are faded, more or less distressed, as well as fully dyed variants without any patterns. 

You can express yourself to the fullest with the right pair of jeans. With blue denim jeans, you can never go wrong, and a classic black pair fits well with most shirts. Or perhaps you prefer a faded gray that creates a different and cool look? Choose your signature style and discover the unlimited possibilities of denim. You can always rely on your jeans no matter what. 

Choose the right denim fit

Finding the right pair of jeans can be challenging, but not with Gabba! There are plenty to choose from so that you can find the right style, color, and fit. Use our denim fit guide, and find the ideal style for your wants and needs. 

This guide helps you get a personalized view of our many different Gabba jeans. That way, you can browse through a recommended selection of jeans that are picked out just for you.

Take good care of your Gabba jeans

Denim is one of our favorite materials - and for a good reason. It is durable and casual, and if you treat your jeans with care, they will last for many years. To do so, you can follow our denim care guide, including some of these rules:

- Wash your jeans as little as possible, and wash or rinse with cold water. When you do so, do not use soap or fabric softener.

- Let your jeans air dry on a flat surface to prevent your jeans from stretching or becoming misshapen. 

- Repair small holes and rips when you first notice them. Otherwise, they may become larger and larger.

Following these simple instructions, you can ensure that your jeans stay nice and wearable for decades. 

Items to complete your Gabba look

Gabba offers a large selection of cool items that’ll go perfectly with your new Gabba jeans. For example, we have:

- Stylish jackets
- Warm knitwear
Nice pants
Cool shorts

You’ll find everything you need to put together a fashionable and modern look, and that goes for all seasons. It doesn’t matter whether it’s winter or summer or whether you’re going out with your friends or running to meetings at the office - you can find just the right items at Gabba.