It rises from the evenings of laughter and joy. From the hugging, the sharing and intimate talk. A profound sense of belonging. After all this time apart.

Our TRIBE collection is a sensation of coming home. It’s an expression of joy, light and hope. A feeling of fitting in.

Join us in finding the joy of living and see new possibilities in life - through a curious and open mind. We want to live through our differences, build our strengths and find our sense of belonging. Let’s value moments - and create anecdotes for life.

Through TRIBE collection we express the spirit of rediscovered connection. We merge the Gabba Denim DNA with a vibe of joy and living - allowing you to be yourself whether you want to stand out or fit in.

It’s a feeling of dreaming and hope expressed through a contrast mix of garments - clashing together in colors, treatments, prints and details. All telling the GABBA story - the story of togetherness, integrity and confidence.

Because at GABBA we believe that what you wear should allow you to be comfortable in your own skin. Not to be the perfect human, but being perfectly human. GABBA is about building long lasting bonds. Experiencing life together - for whatever comes our way.

Our TRIBE collection is an expression of this. It is living life to the fullest, creating memories and finding home.

It’s a journey to your TRIBE.