Team up with Pisa cargo pants for men

Are you, like us, a cargo lover? Then we’ve likely got just the pair for you! Browse our Pisa cargo collection, and discover the true power of comfortable style and fresh functionality that help you go the extra mile confidently. Choose the perfect color and design for you, and get ready to show the rest of the world how to rock a true ’90s throwback exactly your way. 

The refreshing revival of cargo pants for men

Plenty of pocket space, a steadfast military camo look, and loose-fitting wear. Cargo pants are the type of pants that are difficult to overlook and, traditionally, divide the waters. Many would have also thought that the cargo look was put in the grave a long time ago or at least not become a new men’s favorite in the fashion landscape. 

Well, as durable as cargo pants are in function, as long-lasting their visual appeal is. And now - more than ever - it’s time for cargo pants to show their true shine and remind people why it wasn’t only in the late ‘90s that they would function as stylish wardrobe-essentials. The cargo renaissance is here in full effect. 

Our love for cargo pants is also unquestionable. And from that love, the Pisa cargo collection has come to life, offering a refined and modern take on the utility-heavy and military-inspired appeal in combination with our trademark comfortable fits.

Elevate your casual look with Pisa cargo pants

Cargo pants fit more or less any occasion. Not only intended for practical use and serving as one of the outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe essentials or being a part of classic hip-hop culture, the renewed cargo appeal is more than ready to team up with the rest of your everyday attire. But we can't help but pay a bit of homage to their origins. For one, our army and cobblestone cargo pants offer an ideal blend of outdoor utility and trendy design, making them a reliable partner for both off-road adventures and urban wear.  

Our men’s cargo pants go hand in hand with one of your t-shirts, whether you prefer a regular or oversized fit. And, like with almost any look, you can easily upgrade the style with your favorite sneakers for an effortless on-point outfit. Or why not top the look off with a casual shirt or sweatshirt? A vest will definitely also do the trick for relaxed, on-trend attire. Your options are anything but limited. 

Your new cargo pants can easily carry the whole outfit for an effortless casual style. But if you’re into plenty of colors, layers, and details, then simply go for it. With Gabba by your side, you can stand out or fit in just as you see fit.

Go together through life with our men’s cargo pants

At Gabba, we’re all about creating long-lasting clothing that can be worn day after day, week after week, and year after year and is timeless with a trendy edge. We want to inspire repeated use and discover the limitless way to mix and match a limited number of items and keep your style fresh every single day. In other words, your new Pisa cargo pants can become your enduring sidekick for whatever life may throw at you.

Got a craving for cargo during the warm-weather season?

Fear not, fellow cargo lover! When the moment and the weather make you crave some much-needed breathable comfort, our cargo shorts got you covered. They’re comfortable, durable, and stylish, exactly like our Pisa cargo pants. Check out our styles, and shape your look for the summer.